Thursday, May 12, 2011


Illustration...not my best talent, in fact not a talent of mine.
It's always been a dream of mine to get an internship with Disney/Pixar and animate for them.
Tangled, so jealous of the people that were apart of that film, mostly because of Flynn Rider, but also because of there talent. That came out of someones head people! Someone made Flynn Rider up, but not only that, they also made him hott, which made me crush on a fictional character.
That's what I want to do!
But sadly I can't draw a cute cartoon to save myself, I just don't have the imagination for it. (I'm gonna have to take a class...I go to college for a reason right? To work things out of my brain?)
So the other day I learned of a cooleo way to use your imagination, you scribble and then make somethin' out of them lines. My first ones were horrid! but then they slowly developed...

It's fun! Try it!
Now I'm off to tackle a challenging art project. Pray for me...really though do.


Lisa said...


Paul and Em said...

I believe in you!

ruthie.von said...

um that looks really good. So don't even give me any of that "i can't draw a cartoon" stuff, eh?