Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's day

First off I wanna say how much I love this woman. She is such and inspiration to me & I only hope that I can grow up to be a fantastic mom for my future kids just like she is to me.

Wanna step by step "what happened on this mothers day"? You got it dude! Get ready for the longest post of your life!

Miss Tam and I decided to attend the home ward this Sunday. The seniors did fantastic on there talks, they might of even made me shed a few tears.
Instead of attending Sunday School, and Relief Society. Miss Tam and I may have sneaked silently into primary. The lesson was amazing, the kids made me bust a gut a few times, and not to mention a certain missionary was very good looking that also decided to attend primary mostly because Jennifer asked him and his companion to help out in her lesson.

When we made it back home, after a little chit chat with Phil and Katrina, we set off to work in the kitchen makin' mom some Mothers Day food. I have found that it's hard for this little lady that I like to call mom can't be out of the kitchen for more than five seconds, but we did a pretty good job of keeping her away. We ate some yum food & Miss Tam made some, well you can't even describe how delightful they are, apple turnovers. 

After supper ended, Miss Tam and I took our letters and some turnovers first to Grandma Hair. She gave us a hug and thanked us, it was a quick innie and outie; reason...lot's of people. Then we arrived at Grandma Cravens house. She started to read the letter out loud without our consent. She made it half way through when she started to get choked up, and get teary eyed. When she was done she told us how much that meant to her, which made our eyes start leaking too.
We had a nice conversation with her and Grandpa.

When we returned we found that farkle was all set out to play. Fun game, a long game, but fun. Katrina won, mom was second. The rest was all a blur, but I know that dad lost, and I was second to it. The best part of the night by far, besides the apple turnovers & tender moments, was my streak of 3750 points! I may of lost them, but still those points were within my grasp. If you know how to play farkle you would know that this point rackage is quite a bit. If you don't know how to play you should.

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Tamara said...

I love Derricks Farkle face...haha gets me everytime.