Sunday, May 29, 2011


Finally I have a picture of my girls. Yes these are the cute ones that I talk about.
We all went out to take pictures with Mrs. Lisa. The girls loved it, I loved it.
After our quick photo shoot. We attended Mrs. and Mr. Shad's wedding reception. I can't believe that our little girl is all grown up. One down seven to go. Which ones gonna be next? Miss Brandy? Miss Kami?

Miss Lauren (the one in the middle), Miss Tam, and I have made a packed that we canNOT get hitched until we are exactly twenty years old, not a day before.
Boys be prepared because stalker mania is comin' your way in one year and a smidgen less then to months.
Then the real hunt begins. I'm findin' my man and no one can stop me ;)

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Brandela said...

I love how I was put first! I highly doubt I'll get married any time soon hon, but I am most definitely coming to yours, Tam's, Lauren's, and Kaci's weddings which will all happen in almost exactly a year's time. :D