Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Younger Years

This picture explains us perfectly.
I, of course, am the one with the evil eye/angry face. Miss Tam over there is the "I'm an angel" poser. Don't be to surprised.
Little do you know that little Miss Tam over there just stole loads of candy from me out of my lovely blue bowl, hides it in her overalls...then she acts all innocent. Okay maybe that's not how it went down, but that's how I imagine it.

For fun we reenacted. We're not as adorably cute, we just like to think we are.

I went to FHE yesterday. First time in along time, but since a lot of new peeps are attending our ward I decided it would be worth it. Oh plus I'm the bulletin board coordinator, and still haven't fulfilled my duty as such. So me and my little photographer ventured out. BTW if you wanna get hott guys to talk to you at FHE, just become the photographer. I meet a new friend...His name is Josh, I know, doesn't even compare to Mr. J. The main point is is that I am venturing out and making friends. I like friends. Be proud and praise me (only if you would like).


Paul and Em said...

It would have been even better with ponies!

Lauren Field Photography said...

YES!! For sure I love the FHE part!! Probably the funnest FHE EVER!! Love me some hot LDS men! :)

DJ said...

I might need my belt back! ;)