Monday, May 23, 2011

I Love Sundays!

Oh well Hello ladies...Can you say scripture power?
I love Sundays! Not only because I get to dress up, but because of the spirit that comes with it.
I know we don't look anything alike now days. Miss Tam with her short hair, and I with my long nappy hair.
The cut will soon occur, maybe in July...August, okay lets say September.
Who knows  maybe one day I'll wake up and chop it myself.
One day a little girl will get my hair, one day.

Awkward story of the week:
So the little store that I work at, called Creativity, held a birthday party for a sweet 12 year old girl. Seven girls in attendence. While these girls were painting there little hearts away I was caught in a day dream & not a delightful one. I was imagining the worst thing that could possibly happen to me at work. I came up with someone releasing all of the contents in there stomach out onto the floor...puking, if you darling people don't understand what I'm trying to say. Let's just say not a heavenly sight. Exiting out of my day dream I noticed that one of the seven girls wasn't lookin' to good. She got up and walked her little booty over to the sink and just stood there. Why would she be standing there? I thought, what is she doing? I thought. 5 minutes or so passed by and this young lady was still leaning over the sink. I yelled "If your gonna puke please enter your contents out into the toilet where it will be an easy flush, not in the sink, I'm begging you missy!" inside my head, of course. Then it happened a projection of nastiness, in the sink. Yummy...Life is bliss. Let's just say I did a lot of disinfecting, you mothers out there would be proud.

PS the comments on my blog have been replace...Blogger you have earned a little place in my heart once again.


Lauren Field Photography said...

Ya I was totally in your driveway waiting for you while you were taking these pictures.. LOL

ruthie.von said...

Can i just say that you are both gorgeous and I want to take your picture for my new blog. Can i, can i, can i?