Saturday, June 11, 2011

Awk to the Awkward!

I was sooo excited (understatement) to go to THOR!
Who wouldn't what to watch that hunk all day huh? who?
Some so called "friends" invited Miss Tam and I to lay our eyes on this beast of a man.

While we were waiting for the dang commercials to end we chomped on our candy stash.
Eventually the movie started, and then I saw him, Thor. I may have gasped a little...what a man!
A few minutes in I whispered a small phrase to Miss Tam, barely noticeable to be honest. Then this guy...I don't even know his name, that's how close we are...leans in to speak in my ear. He says "Are you talking about how attractive he is?" First off how did you see my sly whisper? Were you watching me? Second your breath is hot? Scootch away!
I reply with a sarcastic but not so sarcastic "You got me, we're drooling over." He leans over, once again, and says "Oh here let me help you with that." then wipes his germy thumb just below my bottom lip. Who does that?
I know I should be traumatized for life huh? but despite the mishap of awkwardness we're still fantastic! & normal (well as normal as I can get).
PS I may have lied about the hot breath just to add to the creeper story.

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ruthie.von said...

um i think i would have flinched like a villian if he had tried to touch me. or screamed. you're brave. and that guy is creepy