Monday, June 20, 2011

Family Home Evening (two weeks in the past)

FHE got a little too boring about two weeks ago. So we made like a banana and split, after stealing a few ice cream sandwiches. We went to In n' Out. Then came back to the infamous Craven household. Set up our camp chair on the front porch and talked and talked and talked; mostly about boys, but who needs to know about that? Oh and other things. Our life doesn't always revolve around boys ya know.
I love these girls & my camera & my porch, yeah mostly my porch.
Conversations seem to flow out there. Those steps have had some nice bums sitting on them.
Approximately the best time to enjoy the steps of wonder are summer days, when the weathers nice, anytime past 6:32 pm, with watermelon, music occasionally, and the right people.
One day me and my boy will be sitting on those steps.
But for now peace out homies. I'm gonna go try to find my eternal companion at FHE...If thats possible.

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