Sunday, June 19, 2011

To Father.

Happy Fathers day to all the men in my life; to all of my 6 brothers, but mostly that man in the middle.
Yep that one. 
Isn't he handsome? Yep, that's my Dad.
I cannot describe to you how much I LOVE this man but I'll try.

Father, I love you because your my hero. I love you because you love your wife more than chocolate (big deal). I love you because you love and protect me (from creepers). I love you because you taught me to be confident. I love you because you taught me that I can do anything. I love you because of our late talks, your laughter, your eye roll, and your sarcasim. I love your stories, you are most definitely the best story teller I've ever known. I love you because your MY dad and no one could ever replace you, you big hunk of cheese.

You know I could have gone on allllll day; that's how cool he is, I'm pretty sure he's the coolest Dad ever made. Love ya Dadeo. Happy Fathers Day!

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