Friday, June 17, 2011


I thought these girleos were going to stay a lot longer then they actually did.
I had fun with these small fries while the party lasted.
We went matress sliding, sprinkler under the tramp, made yummy food, summer sno, watched good movies, watched lots of Dora, and people wonder how I have the Dora theme song memorized. Blame it on the girl below.
Later with all the cute grand kids we...
tea partied it up, went to the park, zoo, the mall and bought necklaces, went out to lunch, had a birthday party, had an all day long water fights (I won of course), monkey ball, rock band.
Yep it was a party all week long.
Oh and...

Isn't she the cutest ever?
Getting the balls out of that gun was pretty rough.
I'm missing you little ones! Love you guys forever! Come visit me again kiddos.

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