Sunday, June 19, 2011


First I'm gonna blog before I head to bed, because it was that traumatizing.

Strawberry Days fun! Especially with your friends that you wish you were the Modern Saved By The Bell group. Yeah we're legit. & for those of you that don't know what Saved By The Bell is, well you've never lived. & Bull riding scares death.
Now that that's of my chest. I can tell you the reason for this blog. Stupid Coppers. That's right Officers are times. I was driving my little self back home, along with some friends, in my brothers car, slowing down for a stop light, and this little man in a uniform calls out to me, in his copper car, saying "turn on your lights!" oh thank you kind man. Turn them on and continue driving. Then the lights flare. WHAT? He must have noticed that my seat belt wasn't buckled. CRAP! I fasten my belt quickly. Then quietly pull to the side of the curb. Well wasn't he just the nicest. Asking if I, little ol' me, if I was drunk several times. Excuse me I haven't had an ounce of caffeine put in my body let alone alcohol. Thank you, you, you man! and excuse me if the speed limit is not 45 milesperhour for another 5 feet. 5 feet. Seriously no joke. Then he tells me to calm down and take a chill pill, I'm sorry sir if I shake when I get A) nervous B) angry C) frustrated. Oh and I can't call my brother to ask him where he keeps his registration, why aren't you just the sweetest thing. Really? I almost had a collision with a car that was 3 car spaces away? Well sir I have witnesses, but thank you once again for this fine evening, oh and letting me go with a warning you kind, kind soul.

Well after this horrendous encounter we noticed these guys driving next to us with a white board next to his window saying, "Are you 18 yet?" "Here's my number (number shown)".  First, why do you happen to have a marker & a white board just handy in your car? Second mister stranger danger, Yes, and we don't want it your digits. & that is just what we told him.

Now Z squeeze talked to me once again. This time exchanging phone numbers, with him telling me we're gonna have some good times ahead of us.


DJ said...

Hey sis, your first time being pulled over and you're asked if you've been drinking. I am sorry but I 'm glad you were let off with just a warning.

As for the boys, STAY AWAY. I repeat STAY AWAY. Stick with Mr Z or one of the others. you deserve better than a troll.

I love and miss your stink'in guts.

Lisa said...

Coppers are sometimes a little crazy. I have been pulled over several times all for stupid things and instead of the cop saying, "Oh sorry my mistake." He says condesendingly, "I will let you off with a warning."

Creeper whiteboard dudes.

I don't remember Mr. Z. but if you are blogging about him.... I hope he is hot.

Michelle said...

Yeah. The first time I got pulled over the cop accused me of stealing a car. What?!! (It was spring fling and I had borrowed Aunt Diane's convertible mustang.) Of course I didn't know where the registration was--and yes, I was struggling with the gas cap at the gas station, but do I look like a thief?

Ha, ha. Memories.