Monday, June 6, 2011


For those of you that don't know that acronym its:
National Donut Day!
I guess it could stand for No Dateable Dudes, Nasty Demented Dudes, or Nummie Darling Dudes but lets be honest with ourselves.
Nummie Darling Dudes  have yet to exist in the life of Miss Kim
Anyway, the big day was on Friday, and boy did we party!
We ate until we were stuffed, it was soo blissful, until hours later when our tummies were rumbling.
We kept on giving ourselves pep talks...
"Just one more, I can eat one more then I'll stop"
"No don't do it"
"Yes eat that yumminess"
As you can tell we were fighting with our inner demons.
After letting it win, we bent over and held our stomachs, and groaned "I shouldn't of eaten that third donut."
It was tastyyy until those final moments of regrets
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