Thursday, July 21, 2011

Boys, Boys, & more Boys.

Okay maybe not. but I do have other good news.
What now yo?
I might not act like it but..
I'm getting older, and hopefully a little wienie bit wiser at the same time. Hopefully.

Mother had a delightful little party with our group of friends on Saturday.
Our backyard.
Dan, Jack, Jeremy, Jarom, Lauren, Brandy, Jenn, Allison, Candice, Rhylee, & Tyler.
We played:
Dodge ball, Psychiatrist (my favorite country is Florida...oh wait), and Volleyball.
We ate:
Homemade pizza, cake, ice cream.
We watched:
Red (edited). Outside. On our big Screen.

Later on Monday we had a small family party

Seriously sooo much fun. Man I love my friends & family! You guys rock!


Phillip and Katrina said...

i hope Lydia gets your nose :)

Michelle said...

Tess just looked at the computer and started giggling. Then she said, "Aunt Tam funny Mom." Maybe she got the wrong name, but it was funny.