Saturday, July 23, 2011

Friendships are good.

My life has gotten very mumble jumbled.
(what I'm thinking, but won't write down) Wala, magic, easy isn't it?
At least tell your friends. Please.
Confused? yeah you should be.

I got a call yesternight. Kinda yesternight. More like this morning!
Seriously, you think the best time to ask a girl out is at 12:06 in the morning.
My phone buzzed. I saw "Red Musty" blinking on my screen.

Its not his real name silly.
I have nicknames for everyone in my cellular device. Mostly everyone.

Well friend why would you be calling so freakin' late yo?
.EMERGENCY. (maybe)
Answer: Hello dude what's up? for shizzle.
Summary: Go on a date with me tomorrow?
Saying yes, grudgingly.

Nothing good happens after midnight guys. nothing. 
We're good friends, it will be fun. I'm just afraid of whats gonna happen later. 
Hopefully nothing.

Hehehe. It'll be fun.

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