Friday, July 8, 2011

man i want one. literally.

I crave to hold a hand.
To cuddle.
I've never done that before.
With a man that is crushable. Or with a man period.
See I've never found one good enough.
One that I want to do that with. Hold hands I mean.

I keep finding duds.
Ones that text to ask you on a date, you say I'll think about it.
They later get a little angry with you because you haven't responded...through what? Oh a text.
& when you tell them you're waiting for a phone call they don't respond. Period.
 Well dude, thanks for calling.

I want my Mr. Darcy.
Where is he? Who is he?
I can definitely tell you who he isn't.

Boys. Who needs 'em. Oh wait I do.
We shall see how this Saturday night will need.
Will this one be crushable? or not so much?


Lauren Field Photography said...

Are you going on a date??? Girl we havent talked in ages!! Text me girl!!! Love you!

Nicki Dunn said...

You're young! Go have too much fun with girlfriends and get into trouble (fun trouble) before you worry about stupid guys. They really are (SO) stupid. But before you know it you'll meet "him" & it will be "ah-hah" & life will be grand. But there's no timing it. Love ya!