Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blind Date.

& he was a goober.
Super cheese, but super cute.
What more can I say about this kid. 
We played mini golf and when it started drizzling on our little heads he politely told me that we could go inside for a moment to wait until the rain stopped. I politely declined and told him that I'd rather play in the rain. He agreed.
Then after that fine game of mini. Off we went to partake of Yogurtland. 
Only the best frozen yogurt place. We talked and talked and talked.
Until he dropped me 9 o'clock. 
He must of liked me a lot.
I thought we had fun (wink, wink).

Luckily I had friends waiting for me. We ended out being detectives and good ones I might add; although Dan did most of the work. He should be a secret agent. Like me, oh but you wouldn't know that because its a secret.

So this is how it went down. This kiddo Ab ended out having a gnarly crash on his long board.
Didn't know where he was, what happened to him, and kept repeating the same five sentences every five minutes. We didn't know exactly what happened or how it came to be, but all we knew is that we were gonna find out. We went across...about half of our little town finding out what was what. We talked with several people. & eventually we got pretty much the whole story.

Ab was just chillin' with some friends and went boarding down a hill, got some major speed wobbles (repeated twenty times at LEAST) and decided that the ground looked nice and comfy. After getting bloodied up his friend, Jason (we paid him a little visit), called his (Jasons) mom to come pick them up. Mother came, dropped Ab off at home by his little lonesome with amnesia (what kind of mother?)! Ab found his way over to the neighbors (but he couldn't remember that). They cleaned him up, called his parents, and waited with him until they arrived (all the way from Salt Lake). 
All we found out as detectives that we were not fond of some people in our quaint town.

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