Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Subway

Best place ever! 
Everyone has to hike this beast. It's a must.

Before we started to hike we were warned to pay attention to the weather. That day had 45% chance of heavy rain. Which means flash floods. Which means death or severe injury, but most likely death. On our way up to the hike the rain was pounding on the wind shield. Scary? Yes.
We were gonna die and I knew it.
I said about a billion prayers & I did not get one rotten feeling.
So we got out of the car, said a prayer as a group, and off we went.

Boy, was I happy. 
Best decision of my life.

The hardest part was the very end when you had to hike start up 800 ft or something like that.
The water was cold but fabulous.
Wanna come next year?

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DJ said...

So jealous. I am in! Craven Subway hike 2012. Yeah!

Love the pics.