Thursday, January 12, 2012


-Blue teeth, don't get a blue slushy on a date it never turns out well; 
good thing she had me there to point and mouth "your teeth are blue!"

-3-D design class wire girl. She got me good. Clipped a piece that shot right to my neck. 
I must not have been coherent, I came to after staring at her for 30 seconds, she asked me if I was okay....
Silence, keep staring Kimberly that's the way to make friends. 

-"Lost in Austen" where Darcy comes rising out of the water like a creep!

-I saw "one of those" yesterday, wasn't that fun.

-Trying on Glasses, "excuse me, mam, you're in the men's glasses."
"Yeah, I know."
That's right walk away, while I silently walk over to the women's. It's fine.

-Luke's work pants. Man you are stylish. Like way stylish.

-I made a new friend, she likes to sign and read my lips. I was her brothers keeper, that's right Brother Eggett, and I liked it!

-Recess: Schools Out. Now owned by me! Was is just me or did anyone else have a crush on TJ?

-Art supplies all in one place, check. I love my new toolbox.

-Tonight equals VD, brownies, video games with Ruthie, can I get a high five? word.

-Collin Raye. His voice lately it like medicine to my soul. Which reminds me of my new ringtone.
Not dear Collin but still cool.

-My ipod shuffle. Art classes are a breeze thanks to that little thing.

-School aka good looking men, you may be married, its fine, I'll check you out anyway & my classes, this it my dream semester, for now. oh wait, and walking by the loco-motive department, cars being rebuilt before my eyes, yeah you're cool, what now?
Can I join you?

-Trying on clothes, loving them, and putting them back. That's right, self-control right there.

-Letting Dorothy think she's helping Hailey, instead of me helping myself.
"Sure, I don't care if I have all of Friday off, go ahead take my shifts."

-When Grandpa can hardly say a word (he had a stroke which left him unable to use his words I'm sure there's a technical word for it), and while I hug him he says "You're so precious." He cried then I cried, and Tam, and then grandma. We had a crying fest.
Thank you grandpa for making my life!

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ruthie.von said...

Video games with me?! haha ;)

this was a really sweet post. Love it :)