Monday, June 25, 2012


All of my posts revolve around these guys, but they're basically what make my world go round,
 so deal with it.
Since everyone has moved away the house as been quiet, a little too quiet.
 Karalee moved home at least. 
She would keep us company if she wasn't gone all the time. 
Grace, you have the funniest personality. Seriously this girl can always make me laugh and it's not like she means to she's just naturally funny. She has freakin' thick hair and super long eye lashes.
Emma, you are the sweetest little girl in the whole world. This girl will come and give me a hug, sit on my lap, and just love me because that's the way she is. Oh, she's got killer dance moves and an amazing voice. If you haven't heard her sing Phantom of the Opera you have to get her to belt it for you. She has a quite the style too.
Sierra, my gorgeous girl, you are just too stinkin cute for your own good.Stop being the girl that every boy it gonna want to date you little man hunter. Her puppy dog eye's are killer and she's lighting speed fast with her running shoes on of course.
Tyler, my main squeeze and my buddy. You are sooo handsome and those cowboy boot make me want to go mmmhmmm. This little boy gets down and dirty on the farm, takes crap from the girls, and boy do I love to give him kisses. He's the best dance partner by far.
Madison, why oh why do you have the cutest laugh on earth? This girl has the funniest question in the world and they just keep coming. She's becoming more and more like her sister. The best cuddler in the world right here.
Tess, Oh goodness girl. You are one hot tamale. She always has something funny coming out of her mouth. If your down all you need is this girl to cheer you up. She loves to sing and has the cutest little voice ever.
Clara and Lydia, cutest teeth ever, both of them. They're sooo different but sooo cute. I just want to hold them all the time. 
I love them all so very much.
I need them to come visit me every weekend or I need to go visit. 
Done. I'll just quit my job and travel from place to place visiting.
In my dreams.
But hey the house isn't going to be quiet for too much longer. In fact it's going to get down right noisy just the way I like it. 

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