Friday, June 22, 2012

Our Road Trip...Just the Two of Us...Party.

So I didn't get to bring my flashy camera down to this wondrous place so you're going to have to deal with my phone photos even if I didn't get to capture everything you get the point.
1.) We're off. Just the two of us in separate cars. Phillip bought a car and needed it escorted down.
2.) The cute kiddos were waiting for us. Then I realized that I had only one picture of one of the little ones.
3.) We started cleaning the house that the little Craven Clan moved into.
4.) The tile was absolutely disgusting. Originally I thought it was supposed to look like that.
5.) After going through 3 grout brushes, they were all killed by our rockin' elbow grease, they all looked like this. Poor things. They lived a great life. We couldn't have done it with out them.
6.) How the tile is supposed to look.
7.) A massive red wall that was oddly placed. It had to go.
8.) Someone really smart took off the cover to the light socket to paint but obviously didn't get the hint that they needed to tape the light socket. Oopps. Lets leave it. Nice room accessory. Why not?
9.) The walls were originally blue. The previous renters painted it diarrhea color. They were professional painters. You see how they left that nice blue around the blinds? Oh and I didn't get the picture of the splattered white moldings and ceiling with that awesome deep brown color. Don't worry we fixed the mess and painted it all a nice light brown.
10.) After a long weekend of cleaning and playing with our homies. We ventured back home to never venture down in that deep abyss again...Not.  

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Phillip and Katrina said...

thank thank thank you! you two saved my life!! I am confident I would still be scrubbing that dang tile!!