Monday, August 27, 2012

ward prayer

So we've had this stalker, tam and i.
I really shouldn't call him a stalker cause he's not all there, but quite frankly he is.
He called tambam 8 times one sunday.
She didn't answer.
He left messages instead. Asking out on date messages.
He does this to every girl.
He gets their phone numbers asks them if they have a boyfriend then asks them out repeatedly.
He's done this to tam several time and she keeps getting out of it, probably since she lied about having a boy toy (does that sound naughty?) in St. Geezy.
What a bum.
Moving on to ward stare.
He came.
He hardly ever comes. Thank goodness.
But this time he did. I was avoiding him, which is not easy.
Hence the reason why it didn't work. 
He appeared in my group of friends.
He asked if he could have my cell phone number and whipped out his little bitty note pad and pen.
I told him no, but he could have my home phone.
He asked me what was wrong with my cell phone. 
I told him it blacks out.
It does, i'm not a liar.
I then ignored him and started talking to my friends. The ones that were secretly laughing or not so much.
He vanished and reappeared behind me.
He asked me if i'd like to go on a date sometime.
I said no, I don't think so. 
I don't have a soul.
He then asked me "are you saying no you don't want to go on a date?"
"No thanks."
"Are you just too busy?"
"Yeah I guess, with school starting up and with work."
He was upset. I don't think he's ever been turned down before.
He was just holding another girls hand a week ago.

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ruthie.von said...

Haha ward stare. that killed me
you're the best kim