Tuesday, August 28, 2012


It's here again.
So many boys.
So goodlooking.
So married.

I like college only because I like art (and checking out married men...apparently).
A little too much.
In school my life revolves around it. Which makes me extremely abnormally happy.
My homework is sketching, ahhhh, kill me now with happiness.
Every semester I look forward to my new classes.
So far this semester? I'm loving it.
It's only been the first day. Haha....haha.....ha..ha...ha......haha.
I'll be wanting to kill myself in a month or so.
I have a new story in hand.
With new adventures such as college comes great stories.
So tam and i are driving down center, or as we like to emphasis cener street, and this car pulls to the side of us.
We're always on the look out for PHAT (pronounces as fat) men.
Pretty. Hott. And. Tempting.
Tam whispers "he could be cute."
I look and said "yeah and probably married"
like all the cute men in my classes.
We pulled up to a red light and this was our chance to check out his hand.
yes we do realize this is not a sure sign.
All I saw was him bent over with something leaking out of his face. I was only sure that it was wet.
I assumed it was spit, but then again why would he be spitting in his car?
I looked forward and told tam to look his way.
He was blowing his nose on a t-shirt he grabbed from the back seat.
I'm guessing it wasn't spit I saw.
A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.
The next thing I knew this fine man started loading up on cough syrup.
Poor guy.
He was sick and we were judging him.

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