Thursday, August 23, 2012


A man.
The only man that actually has a story worth telling.
Our first encounter and so far the only encounter.
So I'm sitting there in the work place with Tam because we're that cool; we work together
and this boy comes walkin' in.
There were quite a few customers so I ignored him at first. 
I asked him if he needed help. He said yes.
We didn't have what he was looking for and I left.
Done and done.
He stuck around. 
He comes walking by and I apologized that we didn't have what he needed. He said that it was ok and that he actually had another question for me not concerning kitchen supplies. 
Ummm sure.
and this is how our conversation proceeded, to the best of my memory.
"Are you guys sisters?"
"Is this a family owed business?"
"Yes, well I guess so, my uncle owns it."
So clever and witty. I know.
Then we said our polite goodbyes.
I mean I can't understand for the life of me why he didn't ask for my number at this point in time. seriously.
We could have been great friends; we already had a pleasant conversation with the yeses.
An hour or so, maybe less, I wasn't keeping track, this same boy walks in. I was busy helping a kind womanly soul. he stood there waiting patiently. 
When the customer had left our second convo was as told,
"You're back"
"Yes, but not for anything kitchen related."
"Oh, yeah?"
"Yeah I was actually wanting a phone number?"
"My phone number?"
He asked a few questions. I answered. He left.

Now people, yes I do realize at this point in time that he could very well be a creep.
I didn't ask questions.
I didn't even know if he was a religious man.
I was just completely shocked that a stranger of a boy, by himself, asked for my phone number. 
Really. How often does that kind of stuff happen? Rarely for me.

Tomorrow is fashion friday. I'll see you then.
Unless I'm struck with inspiration before then.

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