Thursday, September 27, 2012

Oh the joy,

So I've been hanging out in the institute game room passing time by waiting for Miss Tam.
Which is what I usually do...since it's sooo freakin' fun. ha.
Actually i quite enjoy reading people and listen to their intense conversations.
So I sit down and start to watch a movie on netflix.
This boy looks at me then starts to walk over my way.
I was praying he wasn't coming to talk to me.
He floated on by to the piano right behind me.
Listening to the piano and watching a movie don't work out so well. Incase you people were wondering.

I gave up. A girl went to sit by him. closely.
She had a crush. obviously.

yes I am listening to beibers christmas cd while writing this post. tis the season.

I proceeded to invade their privacy.
The girl was asking the boy why in the world did he where glasses on Mondays and Wednesdays and his contacts on Tuesdays and Thursdays. "I noticed and I mean I've only known you for like 2 weeks."
"oh and how do you like your massages done?"
"let me tell you about my ex-boyfriends and how creepy they were."
"can I give you a massage?"

The guy was trying to ignore her. Playing the piano and giving the occasional yeah, mmmhhhh. When he got up to leave she followed. Walking by me he patted my back and said "Oh hey, how are you?" I think he wanted a save. I wasn't willing, poor guy.
So the whole point of this story was not to laugh at someones suspense just that I should have been nicer, because if I was in that situation I would want the same.

Well hey, I went to Chalk the Block,
I was gonna enter.
Sadly I didn't.
I wanted a team and didn't want to pay seventy dollars to do art that would wash away.
Orem High AP Art. Soooo proud right now.

 I HATE this picture but can I just point out how different we look here.
Please notice I don't have bangs! 
 She's a well known chalk artist and super good. 
Vivint got her to come out and join the little gathering.
 Mostly everything there had something to do with Disney.
 Mountain View High put a lot of thought into this piece. 
It makes be proud to be a tiger.
But hey...good work.


Phillip and Katrina said...

wow this is all so awesome!!! i love it!

Paul said...

That would have been so fun. Sad I missed this little gathering!