Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I've had major homework.
Sculpting and printmaking.
My worst nightmares.
Sculpting was something new.
We started out with picking an animal. I can't tell you how many clay drafts I went through.
I started with a lion, lizard, dog, alligator, rhino, elephant, and more that I can't think of at the moment.
I landed on a frog. It was cute. 
I put my draft to work.
I started sculpting, kill me.
I took a horrible cut out of it. It was looking awful, so I went to the store with my dadeo and bought some plaster to mix up myself.
It was the wrong color...which I didn't figure out until it sat for the 8 hours to set up.
So I returned to the beast.
I almost died when this happened
I glued it, it didn't work.
I know it's ugly but it still hurt me inside.
My only options were to admit to my teacher what I had done and beg him to make me more or to fix this mess myself.
I was too chicken. I went and bought more plaster. Yay it was the right kind.
I started, then realize a little too late that the eyes had been shaved flat by none other than me.
I glued plaster to it. It didn't work.
We formed new plaster over it dipping one of the eyes in a cup. It got the cup...just my luck. We had to break it off. It worked. We dipped the other and chipped of the cup.
I started to carve once again. The new plaster broke off and I was back where I started with the flat eyes. I mixed thick plaster and rubbed layer upon layer letting it dry for an hour and finally got the shape I wanted. I carved away the unwanted and was left with this.
 It's mostly done! Thank goodness!

While this was going on I was worried about this little project or a rather large one (18x24). 
It's the rough draft.
I needed to finish up the tires.
Lucky I have a twin for that. She was awesome, still is.
It's the CVO Breakout. 
I'm doing it for my Dad. It's his favorite bike.


Lisa said...

Wow the frog is cute.... and that bike is amazing.

DJ said...

That bike! Holy cow! I so need your art in my house. BADLY!