Wednesday, September 12, 2012


This is what happens when i get sick.
I raid the medicine cabinet. 
Or stare at it, hoping it will help me without ingesting any of the nasties.

You'd think that after having the flu twice in one month that i'd be over getting sick.
Now I have a head cold.
It's beginning to be absolutely ridiculous.
Tam used to be the one that got sick all the time, i guess her luck passed on to me.

My nose has been stuffed to the brim.
I honestly woke up 20 times in the night to blow the darn thing.
I was determined to get over this crap, so last night before we started our movie, i ventured through the magic cabinet; all the herbs in the world...seriously.
I pulled out the hot cayenne and poured ten drops on a spoon full of yogurt.
A few drops dripped on my figures and I quickly wiped them off (valid part of the story) put the yogurt in my mouth and swallowed before the burn was too bad.
honestly its always bad.
i figured it would help my nose run.
So i'm chillin' on the couch, running through the previews (which i actually quite enjoy), and my eyes start to itch. My eyes always itch. I start to rub them, like really rub them.
This is when the burning begins. 
The hot cayenne that got on my figures was now residing on my eye balls.
burned retinas here i come.
I ran to the bathroom and rinsed.
It got so bad that my family was pouring milk on my eyes (is that safe?).

If this ever happens to you. Scream, just scream bloody murder.

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ruthie.von said...

Oh dear, get well Kimberly. It sounds so unfun :(