Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fall & Winter bucketlist.

Everyones doing it.

One. Travel the alpine loop.
Two. read a fantastic book. Any suggestions?
Three. Find an awesome picture to Charcoal up. 
I want to draw an adult but a picture that shows some personality. Ugh isn't that always the problem. With me YES!
Four. On a cold snowy night go find a new shack to enjoy hot chocolate at.
Five. Build an Igloo...a good one. 
If I'm brave enough I might sleep in it...hahahaha don't make me laugh, but I might pull a tv into it like in snow day...
Six. Watch Snow day with the little ones.
Seven. Have a soup night.
Eight. Try a new pumpkin dessert.
Nine. Get a boyfriend
Like how I snuck that in there. Somehow I always do ;)
Ten. Photoshoot. Just Tambam and I. 
Eleven. Buy all the cheap candy the day after Halloween. 
After trick or treating of course.
Twelve. talk good looking men into trick or treating with us.
Hey, I can hope.
Thirteen. Carve the most legitimate pumpkin that my hands have made in my existence.
Fourteen. Starbursts over a fire.
Fifteen. Build a fort in my room. A good one. Sleep in it for at least a week.
Sixteen. Sleepover.
With who? My girls of course.
Seventeen. Go on at least seven dates. Okay lets be honest I just really need to meet new people and have a decent social life.
Aka flirt. Maybe? I'm too lazy. Welcome to my life.
Eighteen. Make caramelized apples my way.
Nineteen. Watch the elf && the grinch stole christmas.
Many many many times.
Twenty. Take a quicky trip to Heber to enjoy Grannies. 
Oh hey maybe we could stop in to the ice castle in Midway. Take a day at Park City. Possibilities are endless.
Twenty One. Be happy. Everyday. If I'm not I'll listen to christmas music.
Oh wait, it's started already. Done Done and Done. I shouldn't admit to this. Shhhh....lets keep that on the DL if you get my drift. 

Each of these will be photographed. 
There maybe more added at times. 
An Early welcome to a overload of pictures.

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