Saturday, December 29, 2012

So I'm somewhat bipolar,

When it comes to my art blog that is.
Its back up and running, but welcome for those that came to follow my personal blog... I still like you.
I'm going back to both. I liked it that way better. 
All my artsy stuff is now being transfered back. Although of course I'll blog about art over here too because, obviously its my life, just a little less then usual. 
All of it is now being pushed off to the other one
I like it cause its me.
Okay Okay.

So I have Thanksgiving and Christmas to get through.
Since I haven't blogged about either.

Thanksgiving will be first and christmas will be tomorrow. Can I get a FINALLY.
It has taken tooo long for this.

So you know when your pictures turn out absolutely horrible because you didn't think about checking any of your settings and then you think there you are black and white...I like you. 
That just happened. 

Sorry for those that weren't pictured I still love you.
I'm so thankful for what God has giving me.
especially these guys and the gospel.
I get to be with them for all eternity and thats better then anything I could ever ask for.


ruthie.von said...

Kim. Your are most adorable. Love you

Katrina said...

ooh i like the black and white it gets rid of my imperfections:) and makes me look so skinny at 17 weeks! woot!