Thursday, January 24, 2013

Stuck at school until nine o' clock

It's my life lately

I swear to you that one of the kids in my class is from men in black,
the one where the alien is inside of the body...yeah.
He's awesome.

Tam just introduced me to THIS Song. 
I'm so in love.

I googled how to use instagram. 
I kinda get it now.

I'm a people watcher.
Especially at school.
I just saw a boyfriend girlfriend fight.
he tried to hold her hand.
She punched him.
He tried again.
She kicked him.
It was soooooo romantic.

I wish I had a clever story to tell, but I'm sitting here, bored out of my mind.
So bored.
Soooooooooo Boreeddddd.

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Danielle said...

Thanks for posting. You crack me up.