Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentines Day

So yeah, It wass the love week. 
Usually I go throughout my V-Day with no surprises and watching everyone else get surprised by they're man or gf. 
You're either being serenaded by your significant other or drowning your sorrows in heart shaped chocolate. Lucky my little niece gave me some so that I could do the same.
No really the big v day is cute but pointless. 
Maybe I won't think so in the future.

So I'm in class and this is what I found in my back pack.

She's a dork.
An awesome dork but still.

I spent my Valentines day just like every other.
Hating love and watching Horror movies.
But I for real did watch a horror movie and pig out on mud pie, while all my single friend came to join me. During this time my non single friends were probably exchanging teddy bears, valograms, and frankly making out.

1 comment:

ruthie.von said...

Haha I love Tamara. you guys are great :)
Valentine's day is pretty pointless.