Thursday, February 7, 2013

Who cares...

I have a load of homework.
Its just sitting here waiting to be finished.
It takes to much effort to get my pencil and open my sketch book.
So instead I'm sitting here eating my blueberry muffin,
looking out my window and randomly blog stalking.
Jealous of their ability to write.

I bought a pleather jacket for $9.50.
Most will think that is inexpensive,
but me? I was hyperventilating wondering if I should spend that much.
Whats wrong with me you ask?
Having the ability to get a somewhat fashionable head to toe outfit for under that, it makes you second guess every purchase you buy, even if you are undeniably in love with it.
Thrift stores. What have they done to me?
Sometimes I find myself buying things just because they're a dollar.
I still have several 2 dollar dresses in my closet waiting to be worn, but 
They haven't been because I bought them thinking 
"I can fix this."
Guys, slap some freakin sense in to me!
I'm not normal.
Let's just deal with it.

Love the girl in "The Hobbit" Shirt.

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