Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It's late, and for some reason I'm the best at procrastinating things...this also means sleep.

I'm only half way done with packing,
and I think there is a skunk right out side my window.
This dress was my grandmothers. She had amazing taste.
Soon I will have stories to tell of my dramatic roommate situation.
I like 2 of the 3. I don't know the 3rd one.
I won't condem her just yet. Although I have stalked her on fb, and seen the tornado she left at apt #124 in just over an hour. We're gonna have great fun.

I promised a story. Now that I have all the time in the world I will be delighted to tell it.

There once was a girl who worked at a kitchen store.
No but for real.
For some reason we get the most weirdcrazyawesome people walking into our little store.
Any who.
Lets get down to business...to defeat the huns...so easily distracted.

Back to the kitchen store. I'm there with a beautiful strawberry blonde woman. Also known as my dear mother. Yes we work together, we're cool like that. 
Families who work together stay together...or want to slap them upside the head. 
No but for real it's always an adventure.
So one of my mom's old friends walks in. She's all braggin up a storm about how her most amazing daughter it going on a mission to blah blah. I get it your daughter is great. She turns and asks me when I'm going on mine. I tell her I'm not. She then proceeds on with her story. Apparently she has short term memory, she asked me 3 more times. 
Bite your tongue Kimberly.
What does this have to do with boys you ask? It's getting there.
This lady finally leaves. I was peeved about the whole thing. Blabbing on about, why can't people understand? I prayed. I fasted. I'm not supposed to go on a mission. Not in the cards okay?
This other lady was over hearing my little rant. 
She comes over and says maybe your supposed to get married
...hint hint, she has a son...
oh yeah?
Yeah, I have a really handsome son. You wanna go on a date with him?
Maybe, tell me about him.
He's tall, dark, and handsome. Oh and he's such an amazing kid, he just hasn't meet the "one" yet.
I want you all to no now that mothers, sisters, grandmas, aunts, fathers, yeah they are all biased.
Oh, I will go get a picture of him. My phone is in the car.
ugh. but secretly excited.
I see a picture.
Yeah, ummm, I know him. We've been going to the same singles ward for 3 years. I've hung out with him a few time.
not secretly excited anymore. Any hope I had was shot. Don't want to hurt mothers feelings. NOT attracted to him. Please don't say anything to him.
Oh please don't tell him I said anything to you
wait, what?
Oh he hates when I get involved.
Oh, don't worry about it.

Just dodged a bullet.
No creepos this time around.


ruthie.von said...

Is Tam going on a mission? Have I missed something?
Plus, also I might have to hate you for life for being such a hottie. You jerk.

But jk probably because I actually love you.
Also, the mission thing, been there lady. Been there.
People need to relax a minute, yes there are a whole slew of young ladies joining the work, and that is fantastic, but I think people are forgetting that it's still a choice. And a very personal one at that. I find myself annoyed with people who think that
"So, ya goin' on a mission?"
is an appropriate question for casual conversation or small talk.


Ashley said...