Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I'm blogging,

Yes it's true.
I'm almost done with my mothers day project. 
Sorry mom if you're reading this, which I doubt, but if you are....surprise.

Guys, it's official, I'm settled in my cozy little apartment. 
It has it's perks.

Boys want to come over more often. I guess without a father they are less afraid to knock. That's cool.
I use more gas.
Around here there is no such thing called anti-social. 
My personal space bubble is being popped constantly. 
I can go swimming anytime I want if I like watching make-out sessions. A cannon ball usually takes care of that.
I eat leftovers. Shocker but seriously.
I buy my own toilet paper. You can't live without it. Trust me on that. I'm gonna start being a hoarder.
People are loud. Party place over here yo. 
Easily 100 people were on the field last night with earphones in dancing with masks. No music could be heard. They just danced. Awkward. Is that a thing now? At least you can't be judged by the way you dance because they can't here your jam...Right? I don't get it.
I lived without internet for a week. Yay me. Now we have a router, sweet.
I accidentally left the oven on all night long at 350 degrees, A crock pot on low all night long without anything in it, and a unit on the stove all morning/afternoon without a pan on it. Yeah I'm smart. Thank you.
Iron Man 3 was legitimate.
I get to sleep in occasionally. 
I get to take over the family room when no one it here.
Our couches are comfy and our 42 inch flat screen takes 15 minutes to boot up. I like it.
Oh and I have new friends.


Lisa said...

I am excited. Are you framing the water colors?

Michelle said...

So where's my pic? I want a digital copy. :) Love you girls. We will be up that way next weekend. Can't wait to see your place.