Monday, April 1, 2013

This is my life,

I was going to start a new blog.
It was going to contain my dating life or the non existent kind.
Yay or Nay?
I guess I could just blog here.
Oh yeah thats right.
I haven't blogged in so long it's killing me. 
Really? Yes really.
I have soo much to blog about. 
Boys, cars, trips.
You know the good stuff that makes you go yuck, aww, or blah.
Stalker status, its coming soon, right now i'm listening to one of those songs that just speaks to your soul and you want to listen to it for the rest of your life, until you listen to it over 100 times on itunes.
Oh and i'm procrastination my research paper. It's only six pages. 
I get to move out with this girl on 28 days....ummm YaY!
School ends in 22 days....Finals suck, kick my butt now.
In 15 days I get my mission call....April Fools.
We all saw that coming. 
and tomorrow my research paper is due at 11:59am
Oh and happy late Easter :)

1 comment:

ruthie.von said...

you are just the best.
i wanna read all about it :)