Friday, April 19, 2013


I have a lot to talk about.
So much to do with so little time.
Finals. 'nough said.
I hate my life at this very moment.
Joking, I couldn't be happier. Seriously.
Is that weird to say?
I am actually pretty weird.
My mind is about to explode with all of the information my teachers have crammed into my brain within the week. Am I the only one? 
So I shouldn't be happy. I should be studying my little heart out. Making my hands feel like there dead a reference to doing art if you didn't catch that, and starving myself because I don't have time to eat.
Instead I'm indulging in a new book that I should not have started reading. Whose idea was that anyhow?
Looking at my art work, blogging, and eating transfat. 
I like this.
Random picture, because we're cute.
Like I have said before, I have soo many awkward stories to tell.
They're great.
I know that many of you have been waiting well wait no longer. 
Actually you're going to have to wait a little longer. 
I've got finals to do. 

I will be posting older posts about my week below :)

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