Saturday, June 1, 2013

Are boys more complicated than girls?

Or do girls just complicate things?
I don't get it.
Why can't we just be like hey, I'm living life here. You wanna take a seat next to me? I like you.
Instead of worrying,
Does he like me, No he doesn't, Wait yes he does....I wish he did? Sort of deal

For now, I'm just gonna be "chill" (a word that boys like to use when explaining girls I've learned) and not care.
Even though I kind of do, a lot.

I previously mentioned that I like to run when I have things on my mind.
To inhale the air around me and feel it burn my lungs.
I live two miles away from the temple so I got a brainyyak idea.
Run to the Provo Temple!
Who wouldn't want to do that?
Oh, but lets not go on the busy street. I'm gonna take all the wiggly roads up and around the mountain, hop four fences, and eventually make it to my lovely destination.
Let's just say, it wasn't two miles, I mapped it out in google. Three point five miles guys, I ran seven miles yesterday. It was a big deal.
Probably not for you runners, but it was the first time I actually ran since last summer.
So I'm pretty stoked about it.

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Michelle said...

Oh my. I've never run seven consecutive miles in my life. Way to go chicka.