Sunday, June 2, 2013

These kids,

I have 17 to be exact. My favorites that is. 
I love these kid. They can put a smile on my face any day.
Them just saying Aunt Kim kills me.
I know that they will love me for just being there aunt. I don't have to be a perfect person although for them I try. I try my best to be the greatest example to them.
With them I'm just me, and they love me for it. At least I hope so.
I feel like I blog to much about them, but they deserve every word, because they are my greatest examples. Every time they say "Aunt Kim taught me how" I remember that they are watching me. I remember I have to be not only good, but great for them.
I always tell everyone that my nieces and nephews are my best friends, it's because they are.
I look forward to seeing them more then anything else in my life.
Kate hugging my leg.
Colton begging me to play cars with him.
Lydia calling me auntie.
Audrey saying Cinderella.
Sierra wanting to save every living thing out there.
Grace fitting into my clothes.
Emma asking me to tell her a story at night and lovely style.
Madison and her faces.
Charley smiling at me.
Wyatts chubby thighs.
James double chin. 
Ryders inevitable good looks.
Tyler running to me every time he sees me.
Everetts face when he throws a ball.
Tessie and her Sass.
Claras wide spaced teeth smile, and pouting every time you show her a picture of a crying baby.
and the little one baking away inside my sister.
All of these things make me so extremely happy and grateful everyday that they are mine and I'm their "auntie". 
I wish I had a picture of every single one of my little ones.

One of the best days of my life.
I didn't have work, and their mom left them while she traveled to Colorado.
We played all day. Made airplanes and rockets, then painted them to perfection.


Paul and Em said...

Wish we lived close enough to paint rockets and airplanes on the weekends.

Chrissy said...

those pics were adorable. i can't believe i haven't been following blogs. i love yours. now that Facebook is gone I'm gonna start leaving comments on everyones blog all the time. im sure ill get rather annoying eventually but i don't care mwahahahahha!