Tuesday, June 11, 2013

my other half

Lately, being moved out an' all,
We get a lot of questions concerning us twins.
I'm answering them all now. You better get nice and comfff.

From my own perspective.

So it's always hard when I get the question, how can I tell you two apart?
Well, I've never had to do that before. Tell us apart I mean. Obviously. We look different period. I don't think I look like little miss tambam at all and I assume she feels the same way. Everything is different about us, but I'll give you a few tips. 
Our voices are different. Mine is lower and her's is higher. So wait for us to say something.
Our hair is different, but the obvious one is that we part our hair on different sides.
Our heads are different, tams is more round. 
Our eyes, hers are further apart like my moms, I have my dads. 
Our personalities, but you have to get to know us for that one. So come on over, let's chill.
Oh, and our smiles are the most different.
Those are the most obvious. The end.

Moving on...
No we do not spend every second of every day together. We aren't sewn to each other. We do separate. We have our own friends that we go hang out with. But we are best friends, you hang out with yours let me hang out with mine.

I came out first. Awkward question award.

No I don't wake up in the morning thinking I'm Tam. Honestly, do you wake up thinking you're your brother? Yes it is the same thing. We are different people., just like you are your own person, I am mine.

I'm not going to make my future husband live next to tam. I've been living with her my whole stinkin' life. Yeah, I'll miss her, but my husband is going to be my new half. Sorry beautysmoot, you'll be kicked to the curb.

Yes we have been apart for more than a few hours. It was a few weeks.

No twin questions don't bother me.

Tambam is the most hilarious person I have ever met, but she is only that way with me. 
She has a comfort zone. You have to burst her bubble in order to see the real deal.
Tam is clever and witty with come backs.

I'm probably too loud. Unless I don't feel like talking, then I'm extremely quiet. Not because I'm a quiet person, I just don't give a hoot.
I'm really sarcastic at first, it's my wall. I'm normal when you get to know me, trust me.
I usually mumble my words and I have a stuttering problem when I try to be funny.


ruthie.von said...

I'm probably really proud of myself for always having been able to tell you two apart. I think it helps that I got to know you separately. You are both just basically the most beautiful people. Super love.

Paul and Em said...

Love this. Hilarious. Someone actually asked you who came out first? Awesome.

Katrina said...

phillip needs to read this. I have asked him multiple times why exactly you and tam look different and he cant say why, ha. The hair part and your dimple differences were the first ways I learned to tell you apart:)

Lisa said...

You are different but so much alike. You could of written some more difference. Let me list a few....Can't think of any...