Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I'm backkkkkk (creepy voice intended)

Well guys.
My life is miserable. Save me.
I'm sitting here locked in this dark, dreary place, the walls are closing in, I'm typing this to say goodbye to my fellow friends and family.
Okay my room isn't that bad, it's some what nice actually aka it's clean.
I'm a sickly. I woke up with my stomach turning on me and wanting to kill.
Upside to all of this, at least there was no school. Guys, I didn't have to see my absolute nutso of a teacher.
and one of my best friends brought me sprite and yogurt. Mitchell Anderson, you're the best, I love your guts.
So life is trying to kill me, but at least I have the greatest people to keep me company, trying to help me survive. There's sooo much to tell all of you people. So much drama, so much greatness. I'm usually not one for drama, but if it makes my life some what exciting, bring it.
Actually don't, I can only take small doses of my life turning into a sitcom.
At least I have these girls who watch my back :)

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Paul and Em said...

I'm happy you're back. Missed you!