Monday, February 3, 2014

Well that happened #1

When a boy starts to talk to you, and wonders why you've never meet before. Hmmmm. Then he tells you you're quiet and that must be why. You respond with "ha..ah.....HAhah...haha...haha (<---awkward laugh), No, I'm not." Silence. Just turn and walk away. So I did. Actually he did. Maybe it was mutual. Okay, it was more me.

I'm off the duty of caring for little hooligans. Seven of them. Six boys, one girl.
Nanny 911 called they want their kids back.
Okay, okay they weren't that bad. 
Besides the stomach flu, a false alarm of chicken pox, and a 17 year old that could care less what you would say, it was all fine and dandy.
It made me realize three things:
#1 I love my life. 
#2 I'm happy I wasn't married when I was eighteen.
#3 Eventually, I want to have kids. When a five year old wants to come in your room at 6:30 in the morning and you ask why and he responds with "because I like you kimberly" your heart melts. 
It was still way to early. I responded with no, you could hear him walk away with "you don't like me anymore"

When you add a boy that you "clicked" with on FB and he doesn't respond.....normally I wouldn't think anything of it, unless he changed his profile and I'm only assuming that means he's been on FB. Well guys, I'm a stalker, we already knew that. Redeem yourself man. Press that little button that says "accept".

I'm 94% of the way done with my Bachelors. Did I already mention that? I don't know what I'm gonna do next. Help me. 

I'm thinking of unofficially starting a youtube channel with Tam. Maybe it's called vlogging? Yeah? I need input? Would you watch it?

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Paul and Em said...

I would be an everyday watcher and I would tell all my friends about it. Oh and you should get yourself an awesome website for your art like I'm talking awesome.I will help. You will be famous! Brad Pitt will be wanting a charcoal drawing of himself.