Thursday, March 27, 2014

Guess what?

I'm surprised they excepted me wink, wink, but for real
I'm not as cool as other people on there, but hey, I'm still a Daughter of God, and he thinks I'm pretty cool, right big guy?....I hope. 

In other news, I'm falling behind in printmaking and missing class on accident....I swear every time I take that class this happens to me. Last time I took it I remember missing 3 major assignments. My dear teacher has been moving around our class schedule. I'm starting to get confused about what times we actually meet. I've decided not to stress out about it this time around, maybe I need to start. What's wrong with me and printmaking?

I'm currently wondering why I painted my nails. 

I went swimming yesterday. Our pool is heated. I liked it, or rather loved it.

I want to sit on my parents front porch, eat watermelon, and talk to my family late into the night. 
Oh how I miss the good times. Summer is calling my name.

Speaking of wants, I want to highlight my hair...michelle, karalee?

I'm currently listening to this. Thank you work station for actually playing something worth listening to.

We signed another contact with our apartment complex. I like it. I get to keep my pool.

I only have a month left in school.

Life has been pretty dang good to me. 
Peace and blessings my people.

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Michelle said...

I can highlight yours and Grace's together. :0