Friday, April 15, 2011


I feel as though my life just got a whole lot juicer. Maybe it's just in my head, but now that I've got your attention lets have a quick little story time.

Well a fancy girl that I knew in junior high added me as a friend about a month or 2 ago, but we weren't really friends way back then, the most we were were acquaintances. So I kindly ignored her request, hoping that she wouldn't notice, but she did. Yesterday I get on facebook, and I find that someone has sent me a message, it was her & she also asked to be my friend once again, but do ya wanna know what the message entails? Yes you do. So I'm sittin' there reading this message, expecting it to say we should be friends of FB, but it really says:

hey kim! i went to jr high with you ha:) but my friend has a class with you, and he wants to ask you out, but he is having a hard time telling you apart from your sister...don't tell him i said that! haha but its
(his name), if you could maybe keep yourself open for him to ask you out? i'm not sure.. ha but he wants to ask you out :)

Who must it be?
I start stirring through may brain, I even typed his name in the search engine, but nothing appeared.
I called Miss Tam and told her of the news, she did some stalking, & guess who she finds, yes "one of those"
Remember "one of those"?
If you don't you may want to go back a little, like to here & here, but if you do keep reading.

Can you believe it? I was in shock!
Now friends should I respond with:
"I'm actually in a relationship, sorry"
"I'm currently pursuing a very handsome man"
"I would like to kindly decline this offer"
"I'm not available at the moment, but Miss Tam is"
"Ummm, I'll try"

Mr. J, save me!


Chrissy said...

HaHa that is sooo funny!

Paul and Em said...

Hilarious! Good luck with breaking the news that you are already...kind of...semi...involved!

Nicki Dunn said...

oh dear. "one of those" are the worst. slash the most amusing. good luck with MrJ (I think that was his code name). You should tell us more about him.

rootypatooty said...

haha oh dear Kim. that's so awkward. and I love you. tell him you've got a terminal disease...
just joshing....

Brandela said...

Ha ha I love how one of those responses was totally going to shove it on Tam! Ha ha ha I vote that you do all you can to kindly avoid this guy and get Mr. J in on the situation!