Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Question of the Week

Well first off I thought that you would all like to know that "one of those" decided to relent & let Mr. J claim his rightful set. Everyone in the class, I'm sure, now sees his invisible name plastered on the little blue chair next to me...since every class no one sits their fanny down on it & might I say Mr. J was lookin' extra fine today ;)

Does it feel like summer to anyone else? I'm feelin' the UV rays, and it feels stupendous, let me tell ya.
I ventured out today with Mama, Mrs. Jenn, and Miss Tam, we talked a lot, & walked to much, that's how nice the sunshine felt.
Now I have a quick story for you...
Since the sun was given off his lovely heat today, after our walk, Mrs. Jenn and I decided to get to work on my Bahama Sea dresser, which was an excellent choice by the way, wanna see?

Yep that's the sneak pick, personally I think it's...okay don't get too side tracked, back to the story that I know your dying to hear. So little Mrs. Jenn decided to leave me to the glazin'. After gettin' my hands all nice and black, I moved to putting the last layer of blue on the body. I exited to the outside, but little did I know that my life would flash before my eyes. Wait, wait, earlier I saw that it's THE day of Mrs. Em's B-day,
Happy Happy Birthday Em! If you haven't yet, give her a shout out!
So back to the flashing before my eyes part...I'm talkin' to Mrs. Em wishing her a happy birthday whiling painting my dresser. This is when it gets scary (close your open them). I kneel down & a hornet stings me, it stings me! Maybe, just maybe, I might have built the suspension up to high. Yes, it was only a hornet, but man is my leg feeling good.

Now to the big question:
In the movie theater many nights ago this was the question I was pondering, & now, my friend, it's here to make your big brain think a little.

When you're at a movie theater which arm rest is yours? Frustrating isn't it? Left or Right? Left or Right?
& here comes the what if...
What if someone stole the arm rest that was supposed to be yours? Do you kindly ask them to move their arm?

Confused? that's when I put mine in my little lap.


Michelle said...

Hey, what!! That was supposed to my project. I'm the clever, creative furniture refinisher (seeings how I've done like two pieces). Also, ya stole my blue! That's okay. I'm still going to use it.

Nicki Dunn said...

I like your guys' seperate blogs. Can't wait to see the entire dresser! Refurnishing is so fun isn't it? I have a "vanity" and night stand that need a zoosh. Haven't decided what to do with them quite yet. To answer your Q, I'm the annoying person that takes whichever one I want (or both). The trick is to get there EARLY enough so that the "confusion" part isn't a problem... Viola!