Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Today Miss Tam and I studied until we couldn't study anymore. Our history test was awaiting us. History isn't bad infact I really enjoy it, but who wants to learn about history, when you can learn about current events? and who wants do go and take a test, making you work your big brain when its your day off? Yeah no one. After a little lallygagging around, we headed off to the testing center, with hope in our hearts and knowledge in our brains. Upon our arrival we see a unique friend of ours. I asked him how the test was. He kindly informs us, and these are his exact words "If I took that test, and then studied again and retook it I still would have failed." I don't know about Miss Tam but my hopes weren't diminshed, I studied my fair share. After recieving my test, I entered room number 3, examined the first page, and that is when my hopes were shattered. Wanna know my score, a whoppin 68.8% BAM! Proud of me? I'm proud after realizing that Miss Tam and I studied for the wrong test. Sad but true.

I figured out that my brain wasn't so big after all.

So instead of dwelling on the sad, we went Shopping! I know this is where most girls scream and shout from happiness, and their eyes light up. Some people like shopping and some people don't...I'm the girl in between. If the item I find is cheap but when it's on my body it makes the guys drop then I scream and shout from happiness, and my eyes may light up.

You wanna know my 3 favorite stores to shop? Target, Ross, and TJ Max. It may at times be hard to find what your looking for, but let me tell you the right way to shop and then you will never be disappointed. First you look through the womens section, then the maternity usually for mediums to extra small if your not expecting, and then if nothing there its off to the little kids section extra large fits nicely, plus most kids clothes I'm jealous of.
The next thing you know when I'm walking around town, I'll be asking 6-12 year olds where they get their clothes. I have yet to venture in the boys section.

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Brandy Morris said...

I'm so glad you haven't gone into the boys section yet :) Pretty sure that would not make the guy's jaws drop. At least, I hope it wouldn't...