Thursday, April 14, 2011

Miss Kim

I know you all think you know me, but do you really? come on do ya?
Well if you don't I'll tell you a few little bits and pieces about myself.

My main goal in life is to make my drawings look like photographs, well besides getting married, having little kiddos & all that jazz.
(oh and I want to make a career of doing just that, the drawing I mean)

Every art piece I do becomes apart of me, no not literally, but sometimes I don't want to let them go.
Crazy, psycho, art women?...That's me :)

I love to experiment with new things such as food, sewing, landscaping, interior design, and basically any artsy substances.

I like to pretend that I'm little miss danger, & sometimes I am.

I want to travel Europe and see all the amazing sights, one of them being the Cologne Cathedral.

My dream vacation is nothing extravagant, okay maybe a little, wanna know? Okay, okay, Hawaii and New York, please take me there!

I probably think about my future husband at least a million times a day, wow, lets be honest at least a trillion.

If I'm drinking something out of a bottle, I don't ever ever drink the last swallow. Don't ask me why, or you might not either.

Peas are the most revolting vegetable, but I eat them anyway...sometimes...who knew?

I have an urge to save people, not the bad boy needs a friend kinda way, but a save a persons life kinda way. I've wanted to be a secret agent, police officer, prison guard, fire fighter, in the military, life guard, suicide hot line...I feel like there's always someone that needs help and protection.

I'm shy when it comes to certain situations, I know, I wouldn't have guessed either.

I wanted to be a boy when I was little, well at least I dressed like one. Miss Tam was always in the cute clothes with the cute hair, and I was always in the big shirts, shorts, and snarly hairy.

I'm normally a happy little lady, unless you catch me on one of my off days, but on those off days I always have a valid reason for my mood, and I will not tell you why when you ask, until you start pushing my buttons like mama always does.

I have the best friends & family that anyone could ever ask for (yes, mine are better than yours, don't argue).
& words can't explain how happy it makes me that I get to spend all eternity with them. 

Yep, this is me, on the right, & I'm living the most fabulous life. I wouldn't trade it for anything!
Oh and yes Miss Tam did cut her hair, isn't it darling? Ummmm, yep!

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L C M said...

You are a blessed soul... but mostly because I am your sister. Don't deny the love. Say it is so.