Friday, April 8, 2011

Our Journey

I've never had enough money to travel somewhere; just Miss Tam and I, but now we have jobs. Guess where we're off to...Thats right ladies and gentlemen Texas :) I've always wanted to visit my sisters, that weren't living in Utah, but I just never got the chance, and now here it is! 

Happy Early Birthday Zuey!
We're coming to see ya. Get ready to have a PARTAY! 
& Paul you better be gettin' excited cause...girl talk is comin' your way!

Too bad you can't see my happy dance.

Oh yeah, & we are gonna get tan in the nice bright sun, be jealous utahns, you can keep your snow.

PS look at Pauls face...If you can't see him; top right corner.


Paul and Em said...

This made me laugh SO hard! I'll have to point it out to Paul. So excited...been planning all day!
I'll send a list over when I've finished compiling.
Thanks for making it the best Birthday ever!

L C M said...

I love this picture. It rocks. I am sad you didn't invite me. I would have come too. To bad.

Phillip and Katrina said...

jealous doesn't even begin to describe!!!!

The Woodward Family said...

Haha, you're so cute Kim. :) I LOVE your banner's amazing!! And I'm super jealous you get to go to Texas. Have fun in the sun!

Michelle said...

Emily is so lucky! Have fun in Houston. I am jealous. Go visit the Blue Bell ice cream factory. It's a must, and they have the yummiest ice cream ever. P.S. Ty is playing Mario Kart. I think he has the record for the longest lap at 25 minutes and still going. He asked me to play with him but after waiting for 12 or 13 minutes for him to reverse and drive in circles I was done. Good laugh.