Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Question of the Week

I know that I at least check my blog or email 3 times a day to see if someone showed some love, at least! and I know that you guys do it too, so don't you try and deny it. 

So my big question of the week is why do people not comment?
Feel free to answer this nagging question of mine.

Just to let ya'll know, when I see a number next to the word comment at the bottom of my post, clicking on it is like opening a present on Christmas day. Maybe that will make you want to comment more...Yeah? If not maybe this will if I don't see at least 4 comments on this post, I'm boycotting blogging for...not ever, but at least a week. That's right peeps feel obligated.

Question of the week will be happening every Wednesday, at times it will be something to look forward to, at other times maybe not so much.


rootypatooty said...

Dear Kim,
I have the same question. I have newly discovered your blog and I was ecstatic. I hope enough people comment on this post. I would enjoy another post! :)

Phillip and Katrina said...

haha we all stalk each other blogs but hardly ever comment. maybe because we are legitimately busy, or maybe because we worry about what people will think if we do, or sometimes I don't know what to say :) shame on us all :)