Saturday, May 7, 2011


What do you do when your all alone?
You cook, clean, and watch movies on Netflixs while Mom is working, Dad is working and oh wait Miss Tam is working too.

But this boring day was saved by Derrick and Jennifer.
We first started at the mall where I bought an ankle length dress. You see I've always want one, and since this specific on was only 10 dollars...Why not? Maybe I'll post a pic, maybe.
Then it was off to dinner, JCW's if you haven't gone, GO! You will be satisfied with every bite.
I am Number Four was next. Hott Guy=Fabulous movie & I guess the plot was pretty darn fantastic too! We plan on going several more times to the theaters to give our eyes another fix, then five more times when it's rentable, then comes the purchase of this fine film.

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