Friday, September 7, 2012

We're all living on borrowed time...

So why can't I be happy with my oreo ice cream (or rather my brothers), my loud music, and my experimentation of new art?
Because I'm human, I guess.

Sometimes I wonder how artists like Jeff Koons become famous.
Oh my bad, who wouldn't want the work that he paid people to create for him and he just signs it?
It's quite ridiculous frankly.
I don't know what's more so...him or the people that are suckered into purchasing his work for a half a million dollars or more.
I'm sorry if I have offended those Koons lovers but most of all I'm sorry that you like his work.

I want to watch "She's the Man" and eat watermelon.
I don't own "She's the Man" and the melon was eaten last night.

I want to attend a party that would actually be hoppin' but with cute good boys.
Maybe the institute dance would bring that into my life.
I have Softball tonight that may make me miss the dance and therefore might change my life forever.

I've been into connecting the dots lately, how if you do one thing, just one little thing it can turn your life in a completely different direction.

I watched Steve Jobs speech he made at a Stafford graduation.
He talked about connecting the dots in his life. He went to College for a while, dropped out, and took classes he wanted. He took a Calligraphy class. Little did he know the Calligraphy he learned would all be designed into the Mac.
This is why I've been connecting things in my lovely life of late.
It's interesting.

The Bosch boy said he wanted to date me.
I told him I wanted to just be friends.
It blew up in my face or rather he got in my face about it.
I'm okay with it.
Like really okay with it.
I don't think you'll be hearing much about him or me hearing from him.
Like ever.

I still haven't gotten dressed today.
It's not because I've been lazy but because I don't want to find an outfit.
In fact, maybe it is because I'm lazy.
It's days like these that make me wish I still had my savings to go shopping for a whole new get-up.

It's called printmaking and it hurts my hands.
It's not due for another 2 weeks.
I'm getting it done early.
This never happens.

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ruthie.von said...

I think printmaking is so cool. yours looks good missy :)
and I like the connecting-the-dots thing. I never really considered it.