Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Are blogs dying out or is it just me?

Thank you for all of the inspirational ideas for my auction piece.
I got one phone call....from my sister. 
Thanks friends.

I can honestly say that today has been one of the worst since college has started,
but I'm over it.
Life is great.

One of the institute teacher over council, Bro. Monson, asked me if I had a boyfriend.
He gave me a goal to flirt with four boys by the end of this week.
Ha, that's rich.
Please sir.

He followed up on it today. 
Not one boy. 
He was thoroughly disappointed.
He made me promise I would.
We shall see.

The problem?
There isn't one guy that I want to waste my time on.
Something has to be wrong with me.

Can I runaway?


Lisa said...

Nice pic. Welcome back. The blogging world has missed you. If it is dying I am going to do my part to bring it back. When I finally told Heavenly Father I wanted to get married I set a goal to meet a new boy every day. Casual conversation, not flirting. And go to every activity I was invited to. Do it. This is a magical time of year.

Michelle said...

You should have come this weekend. You could have helped me clean up all of the dead mice and feces I found at Grandma's house. Eewww. On the bright side? There are lots of places to stay now.