Monday, November 4, 2013

Things I'm grateful for..

The cute boy that i'm major crushin' on put his arm around me last night. 
I know it's nothing big, but that's all i wanted. 
I liked it. I loved it.
It helps that he's a fine man.
And a boy that's actually worth my time.

The gospel.
It makes me smile.
I've felt closer to the Lord than I have in weeks.
I don't know where I would be without him. I feel his love.

Good boys.
Not just good boys, but really good boys, like the gentlemen kind.
The one's that are grown up and mature and not acting like we are still in high school...that was four years ago. I'm over it.

My parents. All you need to know is...they're the best.
Honest to goodness...the best! I'm grateful everyday for the way they raised me. I never realized what a great blessing it would be later in life for a clean home, learning to cook with nothing, and living off no money. For a worthy priesthood holder. For letting me be an adult and making me pay my own way, even though I know if I ever needed help they would give me anything even if they didn't have it. For not doubting me or the gospel. For their unshakeable faith. Teaching me that worldly things aren't important and don't matter, the lord does. For their trust and for teaching me what true love is.

Art. It's hard. It's worth it.

Institute. I was promised that if I take institute I would never fail a college class. I never have. Even when I have an F in the class by the end of the semester I have a passing grade.
Thank you Grandpa.
Not to mention I'm on institute council and have meet some amazing people and have made eternal friends, great friends that talk to me and believe in me.

A roommate that makes me extremely happy.

Prayer. It works, try it.

I just want you all to know I'm extremely blessed!
You are too. Be grateful for the little things. 
The things that other people may not notice, but you do. 
Things that make you smile.
Hug the people you love. Let them know how important they really are. 


Nicki Dunn said...

Beautiful picture of you girls (especially you two!)

Tam said...


Lisa said...

GORGEOUS! On a scale from 1-10 I give you guys a 30!